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What Make Us Spcecial?

A Glimpse of our trainers and Students , always support for providing excellence in training and services provided to the industry. Given Day and Night to provide service and training.
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Anupam ji
Proud Moment for me to receive award from Mr Anupam Kher Sir. Honoured and got encouraged to work and provide best of my service with excellence in Voice Over industry.
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Minisha lamba
Received Award from One of the beautiful Heroine in film industry - Minisha Lamba . Thank you Mam . Moments to cherish the hard work we spent for our work.
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Our Programs

If you are interested in pursuing a career in voice-over, a voice-over institute may be a great place to start
Voice acting institutes may also offer resources such as job placement assistance or access to professional recording studios and equipment
Dubbing refers to the process of replacing the original dialogue in a film, television show, or video with a new dialogue in a different language
Voice modulation refers to the deliberate manipulation of the tone, pitch, volume, and speed of one's voice to convey a particular message or emotion
These techniques are designed to improve the strength, flexibility, and clarity of the voice, and can help individuals develop greater control and range in their vocal performance.
A Radio Jockey (RJ) is a person who hosts a radio show and is responsible for entertaining and engaging the audience by playing music, sharing information, conducting interviews, and delivering other types of content.
Public speaking refers to the act of delivering a speech or presentation to a live audience. It is a form of communication that can be used to inform, persuade, motivate, or entertain a group of people.
Anchoring refers to the act of hosting and presenting an event or program, such as a television show, awards ceremony, or live event.
Acting is the art of portraying a character and bringing a script to life through the use of facial expressions, body language, and vocal inflections. Actors perform in a variety of mediums, including television, film, theater, and commercials.
Mimicry is often used for entertainment purposes, such as in comedy sketches, impersonation performances, or voice-over work.
Sound engineering is the technical process of recording, manipulating, and producing sound. It involves the use of audio equipment and software to capture and edit sound, as well as to mix and master audio recordings.
Music production involves the process of creating and recording music, as well as manipulating and mixing sound recordings to achieve a desired sound.

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Having operated in the Education section for over 10 years, we can help you become better.

Voice Modulation is the most important thing to make you sound Interesting to Engage the Audience. This channel shares lot of stuff on developing this and also shares the Videos of their Workshop training conducted at professional recording studios for Singing, Voice Overs, Dubbing, Public Speaking, Voice Acting, Mimicry etc.

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We take Online and Offline Coaching all Over India and Abroad.

We know what you need and what you want. We care for you and provide you the easiest, fastest tool to quickly create an online course, share your knowledge to the world and get some rewards for yourself. Bharat Sir is your best friend.

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Just Simple that all our students are satisfied with our training.

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We have Online and Offline Courses available more than 15 Locations in Mumbai and Other states of India .

We have few bunch of international students who have trusted us and given us an oppurtunity to train them for their projects.